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UlanWay means a way to the universe, using music as the key to open the universe's door. UlanWay is a new word in music education that uses multiple art forms – music, dance, painting, and Chinese writing. 


The Chinese Zither (Guzheng ) is a traditional Chinese musical instrument and cultural treasure. UlanWay started with this instrument. 


In the logo, the harp shape is "U," Guzheng shape is "L," road shape is "W," and three-letter together make" UlanWay."


Emay Ulaney is the founder of UlanWay. The photo of her modeling the traditional costume worn during the Qing Dynasty. The little animation girl is mini Emay Ulaney. Her name is "UlanWayway," and she shows kong fu running on UlanWay road. She leads everyone to a fun study.

Emay VIAS teach 2.jpg
Emay VIAS teach 2.jpg


I believe in providing fun educational music lessons that enlighten and are effective.
I believe in lessons focusing on technique, motivation, and practice.
I value practice and joy, and persistence to achieve better music skills.
I consider and plan to ensure that what I teach is positive and accurate and make it a priority to expand my student's abilities.
I believe in teaching music students who are focused and dedicated to learning.
My program is fun, and I will continue to encourage it. My students are always my joy and inspiration.


UlanWay is dedicated to bringing a joyful education to a community of musicians of all ages together to create and inspire with wellness and spirit.

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